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Prospective Risk Management Corporation (PRMC) is a highly objective and independent third-party health care underwriting and consulting firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a full suite of products and services; using only best-in-class actuarial tools, processes, and methodologies to offer risk assessment and risk consulting services to health insuring corporations, PEO/MEWA organizations, single employer plans, and the agent/broker/health care consultant community throughout the United States.

Originally a division of Compass Consulting, PRMC began offering health-underwriting services to PEOs and multiple-employer groups in 1991. This year we proudly mark our 20-year anniversary in the industry.  In 2006, Compass Underwriting was established as a stand-alone firm providing underwriting services to a variety of consulting firms.  We currently service over 75,000 active members and are approaching one-half billion dollars in annual in-force premiums. In 2010, we reviewed and evaluated over 3,700 new prospect groups for clients, representing approximately 200,000 new client members.

Prospective Risk Management Corporation is proud to be a major independent third-party underwriting and risk management consulting firm approved by a significant number of leading health insurers in the United States. Clients using our comprehensive suite of products and services have consistently outperformed their peers in both master health plan financial performance and long-term stability.

The PRMC difference is clear: we consistently deliver superior financial performance through our methods and our people. Everything we do is about managing toward the results you want – we do not seek good fortune, we create it.