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Risk Management

Risk Management

We work closely with our clients to develop custom pricing structures and rating bands, and the rules and algorithms needed to assign clients to proper pricing levels. Next, we develop a customized set of proprietary analytic applications used to optimize overall group performance throughout the plan year. Our tools and processes provide valuable marketplace intelligence and tells you: where you stand and where you stand out.

RenewalMetrics ©

RenewalMetrics © evaluate a worksite group’s goodness-of-fit to the overall rate band structure, the alignment of current pricing levels with predictive modeling based risk scores, and the related impact on premium levels generated by the application of business and actuarial rules used in rate setting. These applications help you answer the question: Are the client groups priced high enough to generate proper premium levels, but still low enough to remain competitive?

GrowthMetrics ©

These applications measure the overall group impact when adding new members during the year, and the impact of members who terminate from the plan for any reason between renewal dates.

All new membership added to the plan is reviewed versus the information submitted at initial underwriting. These applications answer the question: Did the plan really get what was initially evaluated?

PerformanceMetrics ©

This comprehensive set of applications tracks actual vs. expected claims and premiums on a monthly basis, in terms of overall dollars, PEPM data, trend over time, and overall plan MCR, IBNR and reserve positions.

Completely integrated with RenewalMetrics and GrowthMetrics, this powerful tool keeps you constantly updated on plan performance and funding adequacy.

Benchmarking against Universal & PEO/MEWA specific data.

Shows how your plan’s performance compares to the broader markets and to the specific markets against which you compete most.